The Sector of Agriculture is engaged in inspecting quality and quantity of agricultural and food products. The control operations are: cereals, oilseeds, sugar beet, soybean and sunflower meal, cooking oil, flour, coffee, spices, fruit, vegetables, meat and meat products, milk and dairy products, alcohol, sugar...



The Sector of Industry is engaged in controlling the quality and quantity of industrial raw materials and finished products. The primary control operations are: crude oil, petroleum products, ores, metals, nonmetals and chemicals, process equipment and technical materials, wood and wood products, textiles, leather and leather products.

Central Laboratory


The Central laboratory is engaged in physical, chemical, physi-chemical, sensor and microbiological testing as well as the testing of heavy metals. It is divided into two units, which are individually accredited according to ISO 17025: 2006:

Training and Consulting


Providing training services and consulting in the field of system management (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EN ISO 22000, OHSAS 18001, HACCP, Global GAP) and organic production is the basic activity of this sector.


We are the oldest neutral control organizations in Sebia

The experience acquired through decades of work is now enriched with new knowledge and successfully adapted to the demands of the open market. Tradition has continued in terms of investment in human resources and modern equipment. Confirmation of the justification of investment is our ability to respond to most of the challenges that arise as a product of acceleration of all business and life processes. Benefits of using our services are reflected in: increasing reliability, quality, security, reducing product / production risk, with a special trust that is born in the eyes of consumers for the security of objective control.

Jugoinspekt - Novi Sad

Objctive reality  

Continuously we are dealing with research of the expectations of the company and clients, with the aim of timely provision of quality service.

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Within the process of controlling the quality and quantity of goods and services, JUGOINSPEKT-NOVI SAD has established a procedure for the efficient and effective handling of complaints and appeals, which is available to the orderer of the service at his request.

In the process of resolving objections and appeals, the principles of objectivity are respected:


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Membership in the organization of Gafta i Fosfa is a confirmation of the quality of our work. Membership in these organizations that are
the highest authorities in the field of grain quality are a confirmation of our commitment.


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