Central Laboratory

Sektor centralna laboratorija

The Central laboratory is engaged in physical, chemical, physi-chemical, sensor and microbiological testing as well as the testing of heavy metals.

Laboratory for testing agricultural and food products

Laboratory for testing oil and chemical products, textiles, leather and footwear

Microbiology laboratory

New devices

HFRR – High Frequenency Reciprocating Rig – The HFRR is a microprocessor – controlled reciprocating friction and wear test system wich provides a fast , repetable assesssment of the performance of fuels and lubricants.

MCTR 160 Micro Carbon Residue Tester – MCRT-160 provides safe, simple measurement of a petroleum product`s tendency to thermally degrade and from coke under high temperature pyroliying conditions.

Oxidation Stability – High temperature liquid bath for oxidation stability for testing the resistance to oxidation of lubricants, insulating oils, hydraulic oils and destilate fuel oils

PAC – ANTEK MultiTek – MultiTek modular system for measuring ultra-low sulfur using pyro-ultraviolet fluorescence spectroscopy (UVF)

Modern devices

  • HPLC chromatograph with UV / VIS and RI detectors
  • ICP-OES with DAD detector
  • Gas chromatograph with FID detector
  • Lab – X
  • GS 1000 Fuel Analyzer
  • Fuels analyzer Cetane 2000
  • KF coulometar
  • Cryostat
  • UV / VIS spectrophotometers
  • Flame Photometer
  • Elisa Reader
  • Apparatus for determining colour