Why is it good to hire an independent control house?

Because regardless the ones who hire it, it gives a real and objective inspection. Hiring an independent control house is fully justified, since the job proves the conformity of products, processes and services with the requirements of regulations, standards and contractual technical specifications, which represents a prerequisite for achieving competitiveness in national, European and world market. By obeying the rules and standards, the safety of products and free movement in the market is confirmed as well as the protection of citizens' health, consumer protection, environmental protection and other areas of public importance. In this process, it is essential to be used services of competent and technically prepared laboratories, control organizations and certification bodies, which provide the confidence in all performed tests, inspections and certifications.

Whether the hiring of an independent control house is unnecessary cost?

Hiring an independent control house is not a cost but an investment in objective reality. It is the investment in the tangible evidence of properties and the amount of goods and products. By an independent control most potential disputes are avoided, and in the case of arbitration, the potential solutions are faster found.

What is the contractual inspection?

Under the contractual inspection of quality and quantity of goods and services, the activities of quality and quantity and other characteristics of the goods are included and it is carried out under a contract concluded between the inspectorate organization and a customer, primarily in order to determine whether the quality, quantity and other characteristics of goods comply with the regulations and standards according to the contract concluded between the buyer and the seller of the goods.

What represents the inspection of goods under the permission of the competent state authorities?

The basis of this control is required by the law established to protect public health or economic security of consumers under the legal regulations.

How could we know that an independent control house is truly an independent?

Each control house should have accreditation issued by the appropriate accreditation body. Accreditation Board of Serbia is established by the Republic of Serbia as an independent, non-profitable organization for determining the competence of organizations to carry out conformity assessment activities. The list of all accredited control houses is located at: http://www.ats.rs/registar/index.php?action=searchpage

How could we know that an independent control house performs precise measurements?

Each control house is required to possess the adequate measuring instruments which must be certified within an issued interval by legislation and verified so to have traceability to national or international standards about what must be the proof. The checking of all measuring instruments allows measurements with high precision.

What is accreditation?

Accreditation is a way of establishing the trust in the products and services market as an independent and impartial assessment of the competence of the house that performs testing, verifying, certification and inspection. The connection of the accreditation systems in Serbia with the European and international ones will ensure the recognition and acceptance of the results of grading consistency of the made in Serbia.