About us


is one of the oldest neutral control organizations in Serbia, founded on January 17, 1949.

We are continuosly researching expectations of companies and clients, with a goal of providing timely and quality service.

Benefits of using our services are reflected in: increasing reliability, quality, safety, reducing the risk of product / production, with a special attention to confidence that is rising in the eyes of the consumers because of the security that comes from objective control.

Contractual control of the quality and quantity of goods and services

Also other tasks related to control in
foreign trade and internal trade in goods and services.

Control of goods under the special authority of competent state authorities

In cases where the subject control is
a legal obligation.

Education and consulting on quality management system

Education and consulting services in the field
control systems and organic production.

Accredited control organization

„DOO JUGOINSPEKT – NOVI SAD“ is control organization accredited by the Accreditation Body of Serbia.

Special attention is paid to maintain image of a professional, reliable, objective and neutral control house. This is supported by the fact that in 1998 we introduced quality management standard , JUS ISO 9001: 1994, the system was verified by the Institute for Standardization of Serbia and confirmed by the Certificate of recognition of the Quality System under number QS1-0056 / 98.

Also, we have introduced requirements of standard SRPS ISO 9001:2008 into our business, Quality Management Systems, which with the assurance of quality of products / services, also aims to increase the satisfaction of the users.

In addition, our Company is accredited as a Type A control organization by the Accreditation Body of Serbia, in accordance with the requirements of SRPS ISO / IEC 17020:2012, with Accreditation Certificate No. 06-002/1. (initial accreditation in 2001, according to the requirements of JUS EN 45004 as well as JUS EN 450001 and JUS ISO / IEC Instruction 25 in the part where the tests are part of the control).

Within the company there is also an accredited laboratory for testing agro-food products, according to the requirements of the JUS ISO / IEC 17025 standard, with acreditation certificate  of Acreditation Body of Serbia, No. 01-090 and accredited laboratory for testing petrolem and chemical products, with the Certificate by the Accreditation Body of Serbia No. 01-091.

Our advantage

Highly qualified staff is our biggest advantage.

If you are a reliable, dynamic, creative and responsible person, ready for team work and proving you self in a stimulating work enviornment, if
you are ready to create common future with us, contact us, and we will give you the opportunity for a professional and
personal development in dynamic business environment.


60 years of business tradition.
  • 1949

    “Jugoinspekt” was founded in 1949 by the Decree of the Government of the Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia, with the task of carrying out the tasks of controlling the quality and quantity, taking over and handing over goods in export and import at the orders of state authorities. Since 1950, “Jugoinspekt” has been performing contractual quality and quantity control of goods, as well as control on the basis of authorization by the competent authorities.

  • 1974

    Since 1974, “Jugoinspekt” was organized in the form of a Work organization based in Belgrade, which included “Jugoinspekt-Novi Sad” as the Basic Organization of Associated Labor (OOUR).

  • 1977

    Since 1977, “Jugoinspekt” has been organized in the form of the Joint Organization of Associated Labor (SOUR) with headquarters in Belgrade and around 1400 employees. Within the Composite Organization there were 9 (nine) working organizations with headquarters in the capital cities of the SFRJ. At that time, “Jugoinspekt” was the largest Yugoslav organization for the neutral control of the quality and quantity of goods and services, and one of the few largest in the world.

  • 1989

    Since 1989, following the disintegration of SOUR “Jugoinspekt”, RO “Jugoinspekt-Novi Sad” has begun to operate as an independent working organization composed of 2 (two) Basic Organizations of Associated Labor, OOUR “Agriculture” and OOUR “Industry” with 200 employees.

  • 1993

    1993. “Jugoinspekt-Novi Sad” is transformed into a joint-stock company with mixed ownership and headquarters in Novi Sad.

  • 1998

    1998. “Jugoinspekt-Novi Sad” becomes a joint-stock company operating under the name a.d.”Jugoinspekt-Novi Sad”, Enterprise for quality and quantity control of goods and services, headquartered in Novi Sad, 23/I Dunavska Street.

  • 2008

    Since 2008 “DOO Jugoinspekt-Novi Sad” is a privately owned company.