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"DOO JUGOINSPEKT - Novi Sad" is the one of the oldest neutral control organizations in Serbia, founded in 17/01/1949. Its main activities are:

Contractual quality and quantity inspection of goods and services
In addition, other activities related to inspection of international and national trade of goods and services
Inspection of goods by a special authorization of the competent state bodies
in the case when the inspection is the legal obligation
Training and consulting in Quality. Management System

We are continuously researching the expectations of society and customers, with the aim of providing highly qualitative service.

Benefits of using our services are reflected in: increasing the reliability, quality, safety, reducing the risk of product/production, with the special apostrophe in the confidence that appears in the eyes of our consumers because of the security that lies in the objective inspection.

Accredited inspection body

DOO „JUGOINSPEKT – NOVI SAD“ inspection body is accredited by The Accreditation Board of Serbia.

Special attention is paid to maintaining the image of professional, reliable, objective and neutral control house and this is supported by the fact that in 1998 the quality management standard ISO 9001:1994 was introduced; the system which was verified by the Institute for Standardization of Serbia and certified by The Certificate of Recognition of Quality System under the number QS1-0056/98.

Furthermore, the requirements of ISO 9001:2001, Quality management system, have been introduced in our business, which ensure the quality of the product / service and aim at increasing customer satisfaction. This system was confirmed by the Institute for Standardization of Serbia, 2004.

In addition, our company was accredited as a Type A inspection body by the Accreditation Board of Serbia, according to the requirements of ISO / IEC 17020:2002, the accreditation certificate number 06-002/1. (Initial accreditation was in 2001, according to standard JUS EN 45004 and JUS EN 45001 and ISO / IEC Guide 25 in the region where the tests are part of the inspection).

Within the company, the accredited laboratory for agricultural and food products operates, according to the requirements of ISO / IEC 17025, with certificate of accreditation by the Accreditation Board of Serbia, No. 01-090, as well as the accredited laboratory for testing oil and petrochemical products, with Certificate by the Accreditation Board of Serbia No. 01-091.



"Jugoinspekt" was founded in 1949 by the Decree of the Government of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia with the task to perform quality and quantity inspection as well as a delivery and a reception of imported and exported goods on behalf of the state authorities. Since 1950 'Jugoinspekt' has performed contractual quality and quantity inspection as well as the inspection based on the state authorization.

Since 1974 "Jugoinspekt" was organized as a working unit with the head-quarter in Belgrade, and it was a basic organization of associated labor (OOUR).

Since 1977  "Jugoinspekt" was organized as a complex organization (SOUR) with the head-quarter still in Belgrade and about 1,400 employees. Within this Complex organization there were 9 (nine) business organizations with the head offices in the major cities of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (SFRY): Belgrade, Zagreb, Rijeka, Titograd, Sarajevo, Skopje, Priština and Novi Sad. SOUR "Jugoinspekt" had developed a network of branches within the SFRY, as well as its own company in Italy ("Adriainspect" based in Milan) and in the United States ("Amerinspect" based in New York). At the time, "Jugoinspekt" was the largest Yugoslav Organization for the neutral inspection of the quality and quantity of goods and services, and one of the largest in the world.

Since 1989, after the disintegration of SOUR "Jugoinspekt", RO "Jugoinspekt-Novi Sad" began to operate as an independent organization whose members were composed of two (2) basic organizations of associated labor, Department of the Agriculture and Department of the Industry ", with about 200 employees. In 1993, "Jugoinspekt-Novi Sad" was transformed into joint-stock company in mixed ownership, with the head office in Novi Sad.

In 1998, "Jugoinspekt-Novi Sad" became a shareholding company that operated under a title ad "Jugoinspekt-Novi Sad", the Company for the inspection of quality and quantity of goods and services, with headquarter in Novi Sad, ul. Dunavska 23 / I. Since 2008 "DOO Jugoinspekt-Novi Sad" has become a private company.

Experience gained through decades of work is now enriched with new knowledge and it is successfully adapted to the requirements of the open market.

The tradition has been continued in terms of investment in personnel resources and modern equipment. The confirmation of all investment is our ability to respond to most of the challenges that arise as a product of the acceleration of all processes of business and life.