Training and consulting

The Sector of training and consulting

Providing training services and consulting in the field of system management and organic production is the basic activity of this sector.

Specially emphasized are the organization of courses for the HACCP system administrators and internal examiners of quality management system and environmental management.

The possibility of open and company (in house) training is provided to all who are interested in.

System management implementation

"Jugoinspekt - Novi Sad" offers services of the system management implementation:  

HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point - is a contemporary concept that provides toxicological and other safeness of agricultural food products from raw materials, production process, packaging and storage, to transport and selling the finished products. The implementation of HACCP systems and training necessary to maintain it, and required by law on food safety, are the daily offer with a special apostrophe in the courses for professionals in the food industry who intend to meet the HACCP principles and confirm the safety of food and drinks.

ISO 9001 – Quality Management System. This international standard specifies requirements for quality management system in the case when an organization needs to demonstrate its ability to consistently provide product that meets customer requirements and relevant laws and regulations, in order to increase customer satisfaction by the effectiveness of the system. Implementation of quality management system according to ISO 9001, as well as the training of internal examiners according to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 19011:2003 is our everyday routine.

ISO EN 22000 – Food Safety Management System, is applicable to all organizations, regardless of their size, which are involved in any aspect of the food chain. This international standard determines requirements which provide an organization the following: a) To plan, maintain and update a food safety management system that is focused on providing products safe for the consumers. b) To demonstrate compliance with applicable requirements of regulations and regulatory documents related to food safety c) To evaluate and grade customer requirements and to demonstrate compliance with customer requirements relating to food safety, in order to increase customer satisfaction. The services of implementation food safety management system, according to this standard, as well as the adequate trainings for managers and employees who are in contact with food, represent the extended range of company services.

ISO 14000 – a system of environmental management. This international standard determines the requirements regarding the system of environmental management so that organization could develop and implement policies and goals of environmental protection, taking into account all legal and other regulations with which the organization has agreed, as well as with the information of significant impacts on the environment.

OHSAS 18000 – management system of health and safety. This document is applicable to any organization that wishes to: a) Establish a system of managing the health and safety at work, in order to eliminate or minimize the risk for employees and other stakeholders b) Implement, maintain and continuously improve the system of managing the health and safety. The service of implementation environmental management system and health management system at work, as well as the adequate trainings for managers and employees, represent a special offer in 2010.